Fear of Birds – Dissolved in 15 mins

A few months ago, I met with the Krimmy Couple, Jimmy Kim and Kring Elenzano . As I was giving them our Intro to Coaching, I gave them a rundown of examples of work-ons — things people want to improve in their lives.

To list a few, NLP Life Coaching can help: resolve dilemmas, overcome trauma, cure phobias, discover new solutions within, improve relationships, cure physical ailments.

I continued to share that when a client addresses one work-on, very often other work-ons are resolved as well.

Jimmy identified a list of things that he wants to improve in his life. Of course, that included his fear of fine feathered friend birds (chickens, ducks).
AND we cured his phobia within a few minutes.

Here’s our conversation right after our coaching as we tested whether he would walk towards a place where there *might* have been a chicken…

See video of Jimmy’s breakthrough here:

Source: Krimmy Couple’s FB page

Recently, I received an update from Kring sharing how Jimmy’s other work-ons have been addressed. You’ll be amazed at how facing one problem unlocks other aspects of your life.

Read Kring and Jimmy’s story:

Hi Kuya!! Just want to share his with you… Remember when you did the NLP thing on Jimmy (yung sa chicken?), and prior to that you asked him what facets of his life would he like to address/improve on? I know he mentioned that he didn’t have friends of his own here, like the ones he had in Seoul, and he wished he had some, too. Most of his friends kasi here are my friends and he didn’t have many Korean friends either…

Well, I’m very happy to tell you that maybe a couple of weeks after we had the session, naging super close namin this group (Koreans sila) and since then, he’s been barkada na with them! I mean, of course I’m friends with them too but sila syempre ang mas close and he goes out a lot with them and I can say he finally has a social life of his own! Hahahaha! Ang galing lang… I have a feeling the session with you was the “trigger”, like a law of attraction kind of thing and I just want to thank you.. We miss you and ate Rezza so much~ Let’s have dinner plz one of these days! 

That’s what we do as NLP Life Coaches. We help you discover new ways to live a happier life that you want!

Coach EdWIN

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You’ve Got Goal Getting All Wrong! Here’s how to fix it.

Wake up call
Wake up call

Have you ever felt stuck in life?
Have you ever felt there was so much more in life?
Have you ever reached for your dreams, but they seem so far away?

Many people have big dreams for themselves. And after many years, they find themselves still doing the same thing. You’re making little or no progress towards your goals. What’s up with that?

In the past ten years of Life Coaching, I’ve witnessed people go for their goals. And I’ve discovered patterns in goal getting. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

In this article, I share with you the mistakes we make when going for our goals. Moreover, I share powerful tools that can help you overcome these mistakes and make your goals more powerful.

So you can go for your goals and live life to the fullest.

You’ve got Goal Getting all wrong. Let me tell you how… 

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Clearing “the basement of negative emotions”

Our clients come to us wanting to create changes in their lives. Sometimes they know what to change. Sometimes they’re not sure. Sometimes they’ve forgotten, tucked away in the basement of negative emotions.

On his third session with Winning Coaching, here is what our multi-talented 28 y.o. male client shared about his coaching experience:

“After the second session, I really was already amazed at how the coaching has been working for me. I came into the third session really trusting what will happen, without having anything in mind to “work on.”

“It’s amazing how Coach Edwin clarified that rubble, and let me explore something that has been there, but tucked away, maybe because of the healing that has been happening. 🙂

“After the session, I was pleasantly surprised about how different I feel. Thinking about it again, it’s a beautiful way of thinking differently, kasi sawa na ako dun sa dati kong drama… haha! May iba pa pala akong drama – and it has surfaced, and now is being resolved already!

“NLP coaching is a totally different experience! I’ve been sharing this to my friends, who also want to try it out. It’s an experience that is liberating yet very non-intimidating!:) ”

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Death by Lack of Clarity

I met a gentleman who approached me because he read about my life coaching services. We had met before and he was following me on Facebook. He was genuinely curious about what happens in life coaching. So we agreed to meet-up for coaching.

Let’s call him Randy. He was a 27 year old Interior Designer working in Metro Manila. He had been working for some time as an employee, in a stable job where he was progressing steadily (but slooooowly) through the ranks.

A few years back, he and his girlfriend, also in the interior design industry, decided to form their own company. Randy agreed to form the company, despite the fact that he wasn’t ready to leave his day job.

As years passed, Randy’s girlfriend took the reins of their company, and continued pursuing new projects left and right. She was a go-getter and was saving up much more than Randy was able to save. Eventually, Randy’s girlfriend went full-time with their company.

Randy proposed to his girlfriend a few months before our coaching. They were frantically saving-up and working through wedding preps, with the big day barely 6 months away.

As much as he wanted to contribute and help his fiance with the business, he couldn’t give as much due to his commitments and persistent demands of his day job. His job was very much a safe-zone with the consistent and steady pay, but his fiance needed him more to help their business grow.

Randy was torn

One day, he came across one of my posts on Facebook. Reading the post, it struck a deep chord in his heart. His brain was telling him, “Looks like this is definitely what I need!” He determined that he wanted to talk to me face-to-face and find out more about what life coaching could do to help him.

NLP Life Coaching

When we started our coaching, Randy had a LOT of things on his mind.

If he were a laptop, he was running 25 programs at the same time that it slowed him down, trying to process too many things in his mind.
If he were an appliance, he was like a blender crammed with stuff, but the blender was spilling over. He was all over the place.

Randy described his situation this way (verbatim quote):

“I wanted to have clarity.
I wanted someone to understand what’s going through my head…
I wanted to hear words of affirmation.
I wanted to hear another’s point of view on my dilemma.”

When he told me about his multi-faceted dilemma: his career, about quitting, about working on their business, about wedding preparations… I knew how I could help him.

Our coaching session involved clarifying the different things he was juggling in his head. It was like untangling a huge mess of wires. It was like straightening out the cables, smoothening out kinks, and putting them back neatly into place.

Progressively, I could see how Randy was gaining more and more clarity with his thoughts. I could see that some of his thoughts weren’t aligned with his beliefs and his values — in NLP coaching, this is referred to as “incongruence”. And I could also see that some of his thoughts brought him joy and inner peace with himself — this shows congruence.

After gaining more clarity with his thoughts and feelings, I guided him in creating a new resolution for his dilemmas. The amazing thing? I did NOT GIVE ADVICE to him. In fact, I did not have to unearth the details of his thoughts, his dilemmas, his situation. All I did was guide him through a process, and he achieved clarity.

All the solutions he created were possible because of the clarity which I helped him achieve wink emoticon .

And it all made real sense to Randy. If you’d ask me what his solution was — frankly, I couldn’t tell you. Why? Because the solution came from his own thinking. I merely coached him through it.

After the coaching session, when I asked him how he was, he gave me a peaceful smile and told me (verbatim quote):

“It was liberating and refreshing altogether.
The learning was something different, and I accepted the new learning.
It was grace from God.”

He left the session with a much lighter stride, with a clearer “aura” on his face.

If he were a laptop, it was as if he purged all his excess files, closed his unnecessary programs, got the hard-drive defragmented, and became laser focused on what action he needed to do.
If he were an appliance, he suddenly was a well-oiled machine, geared up and moving forward, knowing what he had to accomplish.

All because of a 45 minute coaching session one Sunday afternoon wink emoticon .

Many months later, I’m very happy to see that Randy is now married. The business that he and his wife created continues to grow. I see how he is serving the Lord in many ways. And I see how happy he is in many aspects of his life.

He wanted someone to understand him better.
He got a better deal: He understood himself.
And he got the greatest affirmations: from himself and from Someone up above. wink emoticon

Some of you may be wondering how you could get this kind of clarity. Some of you are thinking “this is the right thing for me”. If it feels right, take action.

By this time, you’re excited to learn even more about NLP Life Coaching .
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– Coach EdWIN
Founder, Winning Coaching

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Turmoil turns to renewed direction

I just coached a lady who has been in turmoil from a broken marriage. She felt trapped, rejected, dependent, helpless.

Today, after coaching, she walked away a new person, with new resolve, renewed direction and with confidence in her eyes, joy in her aura.

Friend, thank you for allowing me to be in this part of your journey.

Let’s bless more people through life coaching.

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“What did you do to my son?”

Some months ago, we posted a testimonial of @Aura Vida who shared about how her teenage son came out of his shell and started becoming more outgoing after Life Coaching.

That very day we posted the story, we received a message from @Baba Rodriguez. She asked if we could coach Baba’s son Chino. Gladly!

I had two sessions with Chino with very exciting results! After the second session, I walked with Chino to his parents, Baba and Ino as they were having coffee at the nearby shop.

I told Baba: “After our coaching, Chino gave himself a mission. Because of client-coach confidentiality, I can’t tell you what it is. But I will know that he accomplished his mission when I hear from you. wink emoticon ”

And, true enough, a few days later, Baba sent me an eager SMS message asking me “what did you do to my son?!” smile emoticon I was sooo excited to hear from her what happened.

Here’s Baba Rodriguez’ story about how Life Coaching has made a huge impact on their family life wink emoticon .

By Baba Rodriguez

During the Parents-Teacher conference for the first quarter of the school year, I met with my son Chino’s supervisors and their comments were “Chino sleeps in class.”, “Chino does not participate in group activities.”

My heart was broken and I felt inadequate as a mother because I could not motivate him despite some efforts. Chino is a talented teenager. He plays the violin and the viola and plays those instruments very well.

But when it comes to making friends with new people, or even those he knew for years already, he becomes very shy and timid. His teacher explained to me that in a group project, Chino would sit away from his group, he does not contribute and his group would go on like he was not there.

That night, by some good fate, I was going through my Facebook feeds and chanced upon Winning Coaching with a story about a mom with a teenage son who used to have difficulty communicating and expressing himself. It was like she wrote about my son! I acted upon my instinct immediately and sent Edwin a message of help.

After just the first session with Coach Edwin, Chino displayed an aura of ease. When I asked him how the session was with Edwin, he smiled first before responding “It was good.” Whoa…what happened to my son? I asked myself. And I asked further if he would like to see Edwin again, he smiled again and said “Yes, I think I’d like to see him again.”

By the third quarter of this school year, Chino’s classmates elected him as the Class President. I see him very happy with his relationship with his classmates now. I see him happy with his newfound self.

His passion for playing the violin is also more evident.

But the best was the night when he spent more than two hours talking to me, sharing his views about life, his fears and what he looks forward to about his future. What sweet music to my ears are the words of my son!

Thank you Coach Edwin. May your gift continue to overflow.

(Note: Story and photo published with permission from both Baba and Chino).

Thanks so much Baba for sharing your story.
Attached is a photo of the Rodriguez family: Chloe, Chino, Baba and Ino .

In Winning Coaching, we believe that it’s not only our clients that experience the blessings of coaching. Their entire family and circle of friends/colleagues benefit from the coaching too!

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Change your world

When we change our inner world, our outer world changes.
– Coach EdWIN

So many of us are consumed waiting, even insisting on changes outside. Unconsciously, we are keeping ourselves away from our dreams.What we need to do first is to change inside.

I had a client who was in a long relationship. Let’s call her Alfa. Alfa was always happy and jolly. She had a very dynamic regional position, a very promising career that gave her and her family a very comfortable life.

But she was in a toxic relationship. She and her boyfriend Bernard were in a “weird” relationship where she tolerated the many signs of infidelity. She trusted him completely even when she felt there were many things that were wrong in their relationship. He proposed in very odd circumstances and they got married.

Soon thereafter, the truth behind their relationship revealed itself as the husband continued his spate of infidelity. It turned out that the marriage wasn’t even valid at all. He was previously married and faked his documents so he could marry Alfa. The signs were all there even before they got “married”. She was just resisting the signs. What you resist persists.

After more than 8 years together and almost a year “married”, they broke up. She knew it was final. She knew they were never getting back.

But she had been carrying a burden all this time.

I met Alfa more than a year after their final break-up. When we met for coaching, Alfa vividly recalled an episode that happened more than a year ago. It was the moment she confirmed her suspicions, when she caught her husband with another woman at a mall … *that* mall. She was enraged, she lost all sense of civility, and she unleashed her anger on Bernard and the “mistress”.

When I met Alfa for coaching, she was all happy and jolly. That was her default that was how she projects herself to people. That was one way that she was resisting her failed relationship. Behind the smiles, there was bottled-up anger and lack of forgiveness.

As a result of what she was resisting, she was trapped in a cage. In a city where she had the freedom to go anywhere she wanted, she just couldn’t bring herself to the mall where more than a year ago she unleashed her wrath on Bernard. Every time her friends would invite her to go to *that* mall, she would decline. And her friends couldn’t understand why.

This strong, happy, successful career woman was trapped in unforgiveness and anger towards her ex.

Through coaching, I led Alfa through a mind rehearsal. We accessed the values that knew she had. This helped her choose to feel more positively toward her memories of the past and her present situation.

She wanted to be happy, accepting of her self, she wanted to love herself more and she wanted to forgive. In that coaching session, she reached a level of happiness, acceptance, love and forgiveness that allowed her to feel “okay” about her ex.

No more anger, no more hatred.
Just forgiveness, acceptance, and loving herself more.

Right after the coaching, I observed that her eyes were twinkling. Her face was more relaxed, more open. No more hiding behind the mask of that jolly smile. Her eyes connected more to the people around her. They say it’s the “aura” that lightens up and just projects more love and happiness.

A few days after her coaching, I was so thrilled to receive these messages from Alfa:

“Coach Edwin!!!! After 1 year and one month, and 2 days after we had the coaching session, I received a text message from Bernard saying SORRY to me! And as we had practiced, I was calm! I was CALM!!!! 😉 Ok na ako! Grabe ang galing talaga!! Thank you! 😉 

“I’m so happy, naiiyak ako that I gave up the anger na. Feeling ko ang gaan na ng mundo ko.

“And parang I’m excited about something but I don’t really know what. Basta excited lang ako about what is still to come.. hahaha..weird ba?”

I replied: “I am sooo blessed by what you are telling me. I thank The Lord for the gift of Grace that He has given to you … which you finally accepted. I’m excited for you!”

Alfa continued: “Di ba siya weird? hahaha.. I didn’t have to forgive in baby steps. Siya na mismo nauna. I didn’t have to lift a finger. And yes, thanking GOD for the grace to let go and finally tell Bernard that I forgive him, I forgive myself, and thanking him for leaving me..because now I’m loving the me I see.

“Ang GALING GALING NI GOD! I was meant to meet you, and you to coach me. GALING TALAGA NG TIMING NI GOD. Grabe. Amazed na amazed ako. He works in mysterious and miraculous ways talaga.”

Even now that I am recalling this story, it gives me the goosebumps. How do you how, just two days after Alfa truly forgave, the ex says “sorry”? How do you explain that?

My friend, what is it that you need to change in your inner world?

Maybe that change within is all you need so that you can achieve greater dreams:

  • a more nurturing relationship,
  • happier workplace,
  • a promotion,
  • a change in career,
  • more travel,
  • higher sales,
  • more clients,
  • more time with family,
  • more abundant finances,
  • more happiness and love.

What do you dream of? The change starts within. Start today!

With Love,

Coach EdWIN

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Note: The details of the story above have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients. Any similarities are coincidental.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fikoo/6344544005/

Change your perspective

Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective for a person to move forward from difficult situations in life.

I had a client who felt like she was in a hopeless situation. Let’s call her Charo.

Charo is married with kids and felt that she single-handedly raised her kids, put them through high school and college. She manages her family’s finances while her husband wastes away the years in a long-extended depression. Her husband refuses to find a productive job after losing his OFW contract more than 10 years ago.

At one point during our coaching, I could feel all of Charo’s anger, resentment and frustration. She described in sheer frustration: “This is not what I signed-up for!” Charo felt helpless as her husband was falling short of her expectations.

Charo later described in her own words: “I had an extreme lack of resources or knowledge of how to gain resources that are needed when the going gets tough. In a state of extreme lack, there breeds disappointment, pain, anxiety, lack of control and helplessness. I always feel incomplete, helpless, most of the time discouraged.”

During our coaching, I took her out of her default “sad story” state. You know how we can automatically feel the negative feelings each time we start to describe our sob stories.

I wanted Charo to experience a shift in perspective. I asked her to describe the situation as if she was a news reporter, looking at the situation from an outsider’s perspective. Almost instantly, she started to feel very objective about the situation, like it was just a story that she’s reading out from a news article.

She described: “I felt somehow relief, assured of myself that somehow these “not so good” things happened in my life are all my creations, my actions and my everyday approach in life. ”

Another way perspective helps is when you go into the shoes of someone you look up to, someone you respect, someone you would seek advice from. Through this process, they are able to think+feel things from a more positive point of view. They are able to discover new feelings, new solutions, have a better sense of control, they are able to identify next actions, and take charge of their response to the situation.

Charo described it this way: “During the coaching, God whispers to me and He said, this is one of those great, great small miracles I gave you and you should acknowledge it. God sent, Ed Soriano, one of His instrument to convey his message and explain why this things happening in my life. I was able to understand vividly what is my purpose in life.

“God is always beside me comforting me, listening to me, looking at me and crying with me and that no matter what happens He’s always there, ready to catch me if I fall. I look at life into a new perspective now.

Charo concludes: “Whatever you do to your life is a choice.”

After my coaching with Charo, I reminded her that things have changed in her heart and mind. It’s always very uplifting for my clients to experience coaching. Often, they are on a “high” from the coaching experience. And this continues on for the next days and weeks. Because of the changes in Charo’s heart and mind, the changes are revealed in her behavior too!

Charo described: “After our coaching, the next day, as I utter my prayer once again, I thank Him for an answered prayer. My officemate noticed that I am uttering a song without myself even noticing it. All I said is that “I chose to be happy and contented and fulfilled.”

Charo ends with gratitude: “Thank you so much for taking time out talking to me, listening, praying and giving me new perspective in life.”

Thank you, Charo for sharing your coaching experience with me. Thank you for allowing me to share your story to our readers.

Change of perspective. Just one of the many ways coaching is able to help you.


Coach EdWIN

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Note: For purposes of privacy, certain details of this story have been modified to keep Charo’s identity confidential.

Teenager Transformed

The following story is shared by Aura Vida.
Discover how their teenage son, Robbie, transformed after experiencing life coaching with Coach Edwin.

Aura shares:
“Our teenage son, Robbie, used to have difficulty communicating and expressing himself. He also fears a lot of things and puts limitations on himself on things that he wants to do. We believe that he is a brilliant kid with lots of potential, and we needed to do something to help him realize that he can do more!

“Then we “accidentally” met Edwin! An answered prayer!
Before we met Edwin, we had zero knowledge or idea about life-coaching, but we believed that he could help us help Robbie!

“With Edwin’s coaching, we noticed that Robbie has become more open. He now engages himself in conversations and really connects with kids his age. He even found a new interest which he shares with his friends and another way to express himself – MUSIC! He taught himself to play the guitar. Now he is very focused! He practices daily, listens to music more and sometimes I get to hear him sing too! But what I am most happy about is his desire, in his own small way, to serve the Lord through music!

“All these, only after a couple of coaching sessions!

“P.S. I know that Robbie loved his sessions with Coach Edwin! Cause after every session, magkamukha na sila ni Coach EdWin! All smiles at sobrang happy (at pogi!)”

It’s always a pleasure seeing the transformation of such a brilliant young man.

Happy Birthday Robbie! 😉
– From Coach Edwin

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p.s. This story is posted with expressed permission from Robbie and his parents.

5 Breakthroughs you can experience through Life Coaching

I’ve been conducting Life Coaching sessions through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

It’s such a fulfilling line of work. I love what we do for the many clients I’ve been meeting the past years. I love how I have a front-row seat to the transformations that take place in a person before and after our coaching.

The transformations are phenomenal! Sometimes the transformations happen internally. My clients would tell me how differently they feel or how differently they think about themselves.

Often, the transformations manifest in the way my clients *look*, how they appear outwardly or physically.

Yes! In many instances, the look (sometimes called the “aura”) of people are totally different when you compare them before and after. That happens because something internal changed, and that affected how they carry themselves, how they “wear their face”.

Let me share to you 5 Life Changing Phenomena Revealed Through Life Coaching

Note: Most details have been masked to protect the identity of my clients. Any similarities to real people are … just similarities. 😉

1.) Our Logical Mind Forgets, Our Body and Subconscious Remembers

I was coaching a 13 year old client named Ardy. When he was nine years old, he stopped *wanting* to go to school. When I first spoke to his parents, I asked them: “Isn’t this a case of bullying?”. They said that their professional psychologists told them it wasn’t bullying. when I met my client for the first time, within the first half-hour, it was revealed to me that it was indeed bullying.

Most kids wouldn’t consider it bullying. Most kids could cope with the banter, the teasing. This kid is different. He experiences things — the teasing, the jokes, the laughter of others, the minimised time spent with friends – in a very different way. He experienced these as acts of betrayal, rejection, hatred, verbal abuse.

And the reason he experienced these events in an extreme way was because of a traumatic event that happened when he was 5 years old. He hasn’t made the connection yet (he couldn’t remember it). I’ve discovered that the experiences we have in our early childhood are often forgotten by our logical mind, and remembered by our body and our subconscious.

2.) Change your rhythm, change your feeling.

When I saw Tito Dexter, I had no clue that he was totally afraid of seeing coffins. For 36 years since 1978, he had approached a coffin only twice – once when his mother died, and another when one of his in-laws died. Apart from that, Tito Dexter was always absent in any other wake or funeral of relatives, friends, colleagues.

He described his feeling as totally terrified! He would get goosebumps, his hair would stand, he would have a hard time breathing, his knees would buckle at the mere thought of stepping close to a funeral parlor.

I showed him a way to change the way he feels by changing his rhythm of walking and breathing. He also had a song in his head while doing this. We practiced it together. And within one coaching session, we were able to walk-up to the coffin of a departed relative.

“Wow!” He exclaimed: “The devil has left me! I am healed of this fear that haunted me for 36 years!” And we were able to change his feeling by changing his rhythm, his breathing.

3.) We often know the answers

It’s funny how some of our coaching allows people to find answers within themselves.

For instance, I had a coaching sessions with Cathy. I guided her into having a conversation with herself, in her mind. She had one internal voice that was very cruel to her, un-forgiving, very critical. And she had another internal voice that was kind, considerate, supportive and also very confused.

It was like one internal voice was bullying the other internal voice.

You know, we all have this kind of internal voices. Thoughts that crop up and influence the way we think and feel about ourselves. Sometimes, we suppress these voices thinking: “I shouldn’t even think that way.” Sometimes, it’s a matter of allowing the thoughts to be expressed, to be acknowledged.

True enough, Cathy allowed both voices to express themselves. And after an internal conversation (the dialogue was happening in her head), Cathy was more at peace. She realised that the bully voice actually just wanted her to go beyond her comfort zone.

Many of us know the answers. It just takes a little guidance to discover the answers.

4.) When we change how we see things, the things we see change

My client, Deeana, described how her partner was very un-loving, very conditional, very insensitive. She had kids by another partner and Deeana wasn’t sure if her partner would stick it out with her in the long-run.

I reminded Deeana that there is just one person that she has complete control over: herself. She cannot change her partner, she can only change herself.

We went through our coaching in a cafe. And as I guided her through a process, she began to see things from a different perspective. She began to appreciate her partner beyond her usual complaints. She began to see the good side of her partner.

Towards the end of the session, she revealed to me that her partner was, in fact, very patient with Deeana. And that it was actually Deeana who had a short temper. It was the first time she revealed to me that she had a short temper.

She changed how she saw their relationship and she discovered new things about herself and her partner. Such a wonderful revelation!

5.) You can choose your attitude

One of my clients, Eckhart, asked me if she can change her personality. It was a very interesting question.

So I did tell her about my wife who was an introvert when she was a kid, and made a very deliberate decision in her teens that she wanted to become an extrovert.

I also told Eckhart about my high school classmate who was the class loudmouth, the babaeng bakla who would run after her male classmates when she got pissed at them. That same classmate became subdued, prim and proper when she got married … to the classmate who used to piss her off when we were in our teens!

I wanted to understand where Eckhart was coming from. She shared to me that when she is with her partner’s family, she is a totally different person, she is soft-spoken, she expresses herself less.

Eckhart was such a perfect example of how we can choose our attitude based on context. And through coaching, we can help you choose another attitude, another behaviour, another mindset that is more aligned with what you want in your life.

These are just some of the many breakthroughs we can achieve through coaching.

There are so many things I am discovering through coaching. In this blog www.winningcoaching.net, I will share with you stories I learn from my clients. My goal is to help you understand yourself better through these stories.

Question: What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in your journey to a happier life?

Share your answer in the comments section below 😉 .

Be the best you can be!

Coach EdWIN

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