Angela Ureta

by Edwin Soriano

Coaching helped me remember what truly made me happy, more fulfilled, by changing my perspective.

Over the years, I’ve attended quite a few self-help workshops and motivational coaching sessions as I navigated through the many personal and professional changes in my life. One thing’s for sure — you are never too old to start anew.

NLP helped me reorient my compass to find my way through unfamiliar waters as I approach the big 5-0. Each session guided me in discovering — and rediscovering — my heart’s true calling and encouraged me to pursue pathways I thought were already closed to me. It helped me remember what truly made me happy and how I can make my life experiences so far more fulfilling, just by changing my perspective. It helped me look deep inside for the courage to try out new adventures — the courage that has always been there but had been buried by memories of failure, loss and disappointment.

It’s true, you can’t change the past but you can change how it affects your future. NLP coaching can empower and liberate you if you allow it to. It all depends on how far you are willing to take the journey.


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