Joy Bordador

by Edwin Soriano

It felt like being okay was an attainable goal. I could say I was doing okay and really mean it.

I built myself into confidence, but certain revelations about my life, pressure from many corners and circumstances that I have been through all set me back and turned me shy, insecure and unable to make decisions for my own benefit. I thought I couldn’t hit rock bottom, but surprise, that bottomed out into something deeper and lower too!

Through my first coaching session, I began feeling positive and hopeful that I could act on real change. The methods were different, and awkward for me (one of the methods involved putting myself in another person’s shoes, but it’s not something I like doing to be quite honest because I hate assuming another person’s perspective) at first, but as I eased into them I ended up learning how far their reach extended to me, and also how far my reach could extend to others. At the same time, I felt apprehensive and sad because that early into my coaching period, I knew I would have to let go of things that I fought for and worked so hard to build for years in the first place.

My coaching experience has been challenging and is definitely not for the faint of heart. It was unexpected but very helpful and insightful.

I hated (and still hate) the thought of having to work on my work-ons because I found them so tied up with one another and so overwhelmingly out of my control. But there were moments when even though I was honestly not sure what was going on, I felt like a lightbulb switched on immediately. Coaching allowed me to feel more open to considering new things and to changing my viewpoint toward some of my work-ons, which are intertwined. It also felt like being okay was an attainable goal, when I could say I was doing okay and really mean it.

After my last coaching session (for the time being), I went through a transition timed to my birthday. I received job offers from places like *X* Hospital, *Y* Utility Company, *Z* Media Company, *A* Agency, *B* Bank and *C* Global Company. I was able to fulfill a birthday wish, which was to be able to serve God through caring for other people. I enjoyed eating again, and in moderation, which was not possible when I was miserable. I touched base with some friends who I lost contact with previously. My blood pressure went down and my mood went up. And at last, it looks like I can find closure over one of the defining (and most traumatic) incidents of my life. Last but not least, I found friends and cheerleaders who are not afraid to keep things real, through my coaches.

This isn’t to say that I don’t still don’t go through struggles. But right now I feel better equip to handle both them and myself. And right now, I feel like I am where I should be. ^_^

I am forever grateful for Winning Coaching. It was definitely above and beyond my money’s worth.


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