Coach Ning Barcelo-Tadena

Coach Ning Barcelo-Tadena

Speaker, Theta Healer, Make-up Artist

NING BARCELO-TADENA is a UP Diliman graduate, certified NLP Practitioner, Medical Intuitive Theta Healer, Singapore-trained Enneagram Executive Life Coach, professional make-up artist (TV commercials, fashion shows and weddings), motivational speaker, corporate trainer and author or 2 inspirational books. She is also a wife, mother and dog lover.

The first time she experienced Life Coaching she knew she found her purpose. She realized that she was carrying a lot of distorted views of herself, her past and the people she loved and was carrying baggage in the form of resentment, rejection and regret which was keeping her stuck and making her physically sick.

The moment she healed her perspective, she actually healed all kinds of dis-eases in her relationships, career and body. She wanted to share it to everyone but she now understands that although everybody would benefit from a Life Coaching session, there will only be a few who are ready to take the leap and that’s where she puts her heart and passion in to.

She loves being a senior life coach of Winning Coaching and doing talks for numerous healing events and workshops.

As a professional make-up artist, Ning has made a connection with her life coaching and how she applies make-up on her clients / models. It is an experience of empowerment since she respects and simply enhances the special and unique features that the person already has. In turn, they feel naturally beautiful, light and comfortable in their own skin. They glow and feel beautiful from within that shows on the outside as well.

This inspired her to focus on the complete development of the person from the inside out and to write her book “Unlock the Diva” to help bring out the beauty and purpose in people in a way they’ve never seen before. She is a former hotelier, restaurant manager, pre-school teacher, TESDA trainer, Etude House make-up trainer, MAC Cosmetics counter manager and currently a business owner. She was also a speaker at last year’s Kerygma Conference talking about “Turning Your Pain into Purpose”.

She also synergized her expertise and experiences in different fields to create a Complete Personality Development – “Greatness Awareness” program to help participants accept themselves more and grow from their gifts. Her program aims to help people harness the power of their thoughts, words and actions in a more positive way to help them get what they want in life!