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Many people have been asking about Life Coaching. For some, it’s their first time to hear about it. For some, they hear it but don’t really understand what it is.

We put together a video series to help our viewers understand this thing called “Life Coaching”. It’s an interview where I answer questions based on my experience of Life Coaching and my practice.

Some of the questions that came up:
* How did you start life coaching?
* What’s your motivation in life coaching?
* Is life coaching the same as counselling or psychotherapy?
* Why is life coaching important? How can life coaching help people’s lives?
* Who should take life coaching?
* Di ba kayo na de-drain? What do you do so that you don’t get drained?
* As a life coach, do you still get privacy knowing that some people can communicate with you all the time?
* Super expected ba na modeled yun life that you’re living.

We know that this video series will help you understand, help you get Life Coaching next time you meet a Life Coach like me .

Love Day by Day!
Coach Edwin

Teaser / Intro to the Video Series

Part 1: “Is it like Counselling? or Psychotherapy?” 

Part 2: “What’s your motivation in life coaching?”, “Who should take life coaching?”
We also touch on the difference between Coaching and Mentoring. 

Part 3: “As a Life Coach, do you still have privacy?”
“Do you have to be perfect to be a life coach?”

Part 4: “Do you listen to your client’s history?”
“How can you help someone if you don’t know what they’re going through?”

Part 5: “Would you give us an overview of New Code NLP?”

Part 6: “Here’s a Demo of NLP Life Coaching. I shall help you without knowing what help you need.”

(See more videos at EdTalks)

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