Debit or Credit Card Payments

You can use debit and most major credit cards on PayPal, including Visa and MasterCard. Choose your preferred subscription plan (total amount + service fee of 4%) :

You also have an option to start your subscription through other payment methods.


Q: What happens in Rise Up! The 5AM Club? How long is the duration of the program?

A: Rise Up! The 5AM Club or RU5AC is a movement for big dreamers to lock-in their first 2 hours of the day in productive and creative work. As a community, we meet everyday (Monday to Sunday) at 5-6 AM and together we have exercise, prayer/meditation, gratitude, and learning sessions that are focused on matters of the mind, heart, health, and soul.

For the second hour (or more) from 6 AM onwards, you can choose to use this time for YOUR priority activities whether that’s exercise, writing, reading, preparing a healthy meal, spending time with family, etc.

You can be in the program for as long as you choose, for as long as you are subscribed with an active membership. There is no end to the RU5AC journey, with new content being added each and every day.

Q: What if I don’t make it to the 5AM session? Will there be a recording? Can I join even if I’m from a different timezone?

A: Since we’re into developing the habit of waking up early, we encourage you to be present during the LIVE session at 5AM. But for those who are from a different timezone (or even those who are working on night shifts), recordings can be made available by request.

Q: I’m ready to join RU5AC now, what are the payment options available?
A: You can pay via online bank transfer to BDO, BPI and GCash. We also accept debit or credit card payments via PayTerminal (with additional charge of 4% PayPal service fee).

Q: What does “transferable” and “splittable” mean?
A: “Transferable” means that a member with at least a 3-month subscription plan can transfer the subscription to anyone you choose. You simply need to coordinate your request with our community manager.

“Splittable” means that a member with a 6- or 12-month subscription plan can split or share the subscription with another person. For example, you may get a 12-month subscription plan and share it with a partner (such as your spouse, parent, child, friend, etc.) for 6 months, so you can both attend the sessions at the same time — 6 months for you, 6 months for your partner — at a discounted price. Your partner may attend the Zoom meetings with you at your same home; or can attend from a separate location, e.g. you in Manila, your partner in the province or in another country.

Q: What if my circumstances change due to family concerns, work schedules, etc. and I won’t be able to participate in the sessions for a while, can I pause my subscription?
A: Yes, you may pause your subscription for a small period of time. Arrangements like this can be discussed with our community manager.

For more inquiries, feel free to send us an email at clientcare@winningcoaching.net.