Coach Vitna Mohemmed Walid Achour

Vitna Mohemmed Walid Achour

Flight Attendant, Life Coach, Trainer

Vitna is a flight attendant and a facilitator in one of the biggest airline companies in the Philippines.

Apart from flying for more than 5,000 hours to ensure passengers’ safety, Vitna was also exposed to different countries and different personalities. Along the way, she discovered a lot about mindset and human behaviour.

As a facilitator, she has held workshops with hundreds of pilots and cabin crew on how they can work together more efficiently and effectively as a team to achieve safer flights. 

Her ultimate drive was not just to travel the world, but truly understand people. In her teens, she constantly battled with a negative mindset that caused her broken relationships and poor self-image.

This shifted in 2013, when her quest for self-discovery started. She attended personal development seminars that helped her breakdown limiting beliefs, and started to view herself as capable, complete and whole. This transformation ignited so much passion in her heart to be in service to others through life coaching.

In 2016, she took her learning journey to the next level and became a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a modality that helps people overcome trauma, anxiety and depression.

She is currently an Executive Coach in Winning Coaching, and on her way to being an international Certified Transformative Coach under Coach Masters Academy. 

Her work-life has always revolved around two things. “Flying” and “Safety”.

From keeping passengers safe as she flies at 39,000 feet… Now she’s passionate about creating a safe space so people can “fly” in their own life’s journey. 

Her ultimate mission is to unleash people’s greatness and make them soar. And her simple philosophy in life is… “people start to heal the moment they feel heard, and their truest potential comes out the moment they feel safe and supported.”