Overcome Fears

We have techniques for dissolving phobias.

One client couldn’t stand frogs, snakes, lizards. Just one mention of it, she gets goosbumps, and her stomach turns. after 15 minutes of NLP Coaching, we dissovled her fear. That night, she was looking (and fondly winking) at the lizards at her home. She also noticed that the creepy crawlies (which she used to see “everywhere”) have disappeared!

One client had a fear of wakes (burol), funerals, coffins and anything to do with death. For 36 years, he hasn’t been able to pay his last respects even to relatives, friends, colleagues because he was too fearful to be at a funeraria. Right after our coaching with this client, he walked to the nearby funeraria to visit his departed relative! First time he did it on his own in 36 years!

Another client had a fear of being too successful. After a session that tapped into his unconscious, he learned that in his childhood, he concluded that it wasn’t “fair” to his brothers if he excelled “too much”. Now he knows that it is honorable to excel.

One of our clients, Jimmy, had a fear of birds. Within 15 minutes, we were able to dissolve the fear. Read more.

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