MentWell Bootcamp: 5 Practical Ways to Level-Up your Company’s Mental Wellness Program

This 2.5 hr bootcamp will get you on track to developing your company’s Mental Wellness Program.

Yes, you could start with Mental Wellness awareness initiatives like sharing articles, providing talks/webinars. And THEN what?

We’ll help you with your next steps. We’ll provide you the guidelines that will help you develop your company’s Mental Wellness Program appropriate to what your employees need. We’ll help you and your company’s leaders cast a vision of Mental Wellness for your company. And help you with everything in between.

What will you get from this bootcamp?

  • Identify challenges of companies related to mental health
  • Identify what stage your organization is at this time
  • What intervention can you use in this stage
  • You’ll receive tools that your company can utilize to take care of your people better.
  • Know how you can position your company to level up

What else will you get?

  • Workbook
  • Toolkits
  • Calculators
  • Measurement Tools
  • Quick Reference Resources
  • Action Plan

For selected companies, you’ll even have a follow-up individualized consultation to get further guidance on your program.

Join us and take those important steps towards a levelled-up Mental Wellness Program.


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