More Happiness, Success, Love, and Breakthroughs with NLP

by Edwin Soriano

This article was originally published on Coach EdWIN’s blog “Ano ba ‘yang NLP na ‘yan?” I took an NLP Practitioner Certification a few months back. When people ask me about the NLP Certification, I tell them one word: Healing. NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is how we use our mind an

I saw an Angel in #OplanTrabaho…

by Edwin Soriano

(This article was originally posted on Coach EdWIN’s blog When I met him, his gaze was distant, disengaged, dazed, distracted. He was at OplanTrabaho, drifting among the employer tables, searching for something he couldn’t find just yet. He was wearing a striped grey and pink top, had flowing curly hair. I recognized h

Hello world! Welcome to Winning Coaching!

by Edwin Soriano

Hi Everybody! Thanks for joining us. This is Winning Coaching. I’m Edwin Ka Edong Soriano and I help people have a happier more loving life through coaching. In this blog, I will share with you some of the breakthroughs that my clients achieve with the help of coaching. As you’re able to relate to the stories, it is my goal that through these experiences you too will be empowered t