Fear of Birds – Dissolved in 15 mins

A few months ago, I met with the Krimmy Couple, Jimmy Kim and Kring Elenzano . As I was giving them our Intro to Coaching, I gave them a rundown of examples of work-ons — things people want to improve in their lives.

To list a few, NLP Life Coaching can help: resolve dilemmas, overcome trauma, cure phobias, discover new solutions within, improve relationships, cure physical ailments.

I continued to share that when a client addresses one work-on, very often other work-ons are resolved as well.

Jimmy identified a list of things that he wants to improve in his life. Of course, that included his fear of fine feathered friend birds (chickens, ducks).
AND we cured his phobia within a few minutes.

Here’s our conversation right after our coaching as we tested whether he would walk towards a place where there *might* have been a chicken…

See video of Jimmy’s breakthrough here:

Source: Krimmy Couple’s FB page

Recently, I received an update from Kring sharing how Jimmy’s other work-ons have been addressed. You’ll be amazed at how facing one problem unlocks other aspects of your life.

Read Kring and Jimmy’s story:

Hi Kuya!! Just want to share his with you… Remember when you did the NLP thing on Jimmy (yung sa chicken?), and prior to that you asked him what facets of his life would he like to address/improve on? I know he mentioned that he didn’t have friends of his own here, like the ones he had in Seoul, and he wished he had some, too. Most of his friends kasi here are my friends and he didn’t have many Korean friends either…

Well, I’m very happy to tell you that maybe a couple of weeks after we had the session, naging super close namin this group (Koreans sila) and since then, he’s been barkada na with them! I mean, of course I’m friends with them too but sila syempre ang mas close and he goes out a lot with them and I can say he finally has a social life of his own! Hahahaha! Ang galing lang… I have a feeling the session with you was the “trigger”, like a law of attraction kind of thing and I just want to thank you.. We miss you and ate Rezza so much~ Let’s have dinner plz one of these days! 

That’s what we do as NLP Life Coaches. We help you discover new ways to live a happier life that you want!

Coach EdWIN

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