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Fear of Birds – Dissolved in 15 mins

by Edwin Soriano

A few months ago, I met with the Krimmy Couple, Jimmy Kim and Kring Elenzano . As I was giving them our Intro to Coaching, I gave them a rundown of examples of work-ons -- things people want to improve in their lives. To list a few, NLP Life Coaching can help: resolve dilemmas, overcome trauma, cure phobias, discover new solutions within, improve relationships, cure physical ailments. I cont

Jimmy Kim after phobia was cured

“What did you do to my son?”

by Edwin Soriano

Some months ago, we posted a testimonial of @Aura Vida who shared about how her teenage son came out of his shell and started becoming more outgoing after Life Coaching. That very day we posted the story, we received a message from @Baba Rodriguez. She asked if we could coach Baba's son Chino. Gladly! I had two sessions with Chino with very exciting results! After the second session, I walke

Change your world

by Edwin Soriano

When we change our inner world, our outer world changes. - Coach EdWIN
So many of us are consumed waiting, even insisting on changes outside. Unconsciously, we are keeping ourselves away from our dreams.What we need to do first is to change inside. I had a client who was in a long relationship. Let’s call her Alfa. Alfa was always happy and jolly. She had a very dyn

Teenager Transformed

by Edwin Soriano

The following story is shared by Aura Vida. Discover how their teenage son, Robbie, transformed after experiencing life coaching with Coach Edwin. Aura shares: "Our teenage son, Robbie, used to have difficulty communicating and expressing himself. He also fears a lot of things and puts limitations on himself on things that he wants to do. We believe that he is a brilliant kid with lots of pot

5 Breakthroughs you can experience through Life Coaching

by Edwin Soriano

I’ve been conducting Life Coaching sessions through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It’s such a fulfilling line of work. I love what we do for the many clients I’ve been meeting the past years. I love how I have a front-row seat to the transformations that take place in a person before and after our coaching. The transformations are phenomenal! Sometimes the transformations happen

I saw an Angel in #OplanTrabaho…

by Edwin Soriano

(This article was originally posted on Coach EdWIN’s blog When I met him, his gaze was distant, disengaged, dazed, distracted. He was at OplanTrabaho, drifting among the employer tables, searching for something he couldn’t find just yet. He was wearing a striped grey and pink top, had flowing curly hair. I recognized h