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Death by Lack of Clarity

by Edwin Soriano

I met a gentleman who approached me because he read about my life coaching services. We had met before and he was following me on Facebook. He was genuinely curious about what happens in life coaching. So we agreed to meet-up for coaching. Let's call him Randy. He was a 27 year old Interior Designer working in Metro Manila. He had been working for some time as an employee, in a stable job where

Turmoil turns to renewed direction

by Edwin Soriano

I just coached a lady who has been in turmoil from a broken marriage. She felt trapped, rejected, dependent, helpless. Today, after coaching, she walked away a new person, with new resolve, renewed direction and with confidence in her eyes, joy in her aura. Friend, thank you for allowing me to be in this part of your journey. Let’s bless more people through life coaching.


Change your perspective

by Edwin Soriano

Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective for a person to move forward from difficult situations in life. I had a client who felt like she was in a hopeless situation. Let's call her Charo. Charo is married with kids and felt that she single-handedly raised her kids, put them through high school and college. She manages her family's finances while her husband wastes away the years in a

5 Breakthroughs you can experience through Life Coaching

by Edwin Soriano

I’ve been conducting Life Coaching sessions through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It’s such a fulfilling line of work. I love what we do for the many clients I’ve been meeting the past years. I love how I have a front-row seat to the transformations that take place in a person before and after our coaching. The transformations are phenomenal! Sometimes the transformations happen